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After the Howlands left the estate, part of it was eventually purchased in 1915 by two psychiatrists, Dr. C Johnathan Slocum and Dr. Robert Lamb.  Dr. Slocum had been resident physician and Dr. Robert Lamb had been a psychiatric supervisor at the nearby Mattawan Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Their interest was in providing more comfortable accommodations for the mentally ill, facilities more in keeping with their normal home life.  They named the site Craig House after a successful open psychiatric facility in Scotland, which at the time was revolutionary concept. This became one of the most popular places in the nation for mental health care.

On the left you'll find a link to a brochure that was used to introduce Craig House to it's high end clientele. I discovered this artifact in the archives of the Beacon Historical Society. It will give you a sense of the level of treatment available to the select few who could afford it.