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Tioronda was a place which housed Joseph and Elizabeth Howland, who made it as beautiful as possible. Yet, Joseph Howland does seem to have been sick much of the time he was living here, and this community that they did so much for, was not the community Mrs. Howland felt comfortable with, after her husband died. She left Tioronda for Europe.

wodon Wodonethe was the estate of the Sargents, another prominent family with roots going far back into Beacon's history. It was purchased by Dr. Slocum in 1919 for use as an annex to the Tioronda property. Although considered perhaps the most beautiful of the Hudson Valley mansions, it was intentionally burned to the ground in 1955 to clear the way for suburban housing (click photo at right to enlarge). wodon_burning
Other Homes of Note    
Dubois The DuBois house, on the left, is the former residence of Dr. Slocum. It still stands in Beacon and is in use as a private residence. If you look carefully you can also find some of the cottage residences, such as the one on the right, scattered throughout the grounds that once surrounded Wodonethe. cottage