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Truman Capote
Although I have been unable to find any solid information online, Capote's name continually appears on the Craig House guest list. And of course his problems with drugs and alcohol are the stuff of legend.  Here's what Capote had to say about himself: "I'm not a saint yet. I'm an alcoholic. I'm a drug addict. I'm homosexual. I'm a genius. Of course, I could be all four of these dubious things and still be a saint.''

zelda   Zelda Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald struggled for years to find the right approach to his wife Zelda's recurrent mental illness. She started to show signs of serious disturbance in the late 1920's, and in November 1930 she began a 15-month stay at the Prangins Clinic in Switzerland. Three months after her release, she had a relapse, and Fitzgerald contacted Dr. Jonathan Slocum, owner of a posh clinic, Craig House, in Beacon, N.Y. Zelda stayed nine weeks.
frances   Frances Fonda
"His father had been keeping a secret; Peter, then 20, learned it when he apprenticed in a summer stock theater in Fishkill, N.Y., in the summer of 1960. "The owner of the local diner sat down next to me at the bar. He pulled out his wallet and removed a yellowed newspaper clipping...I saw the same photograph of my mother that had been in The New York Times for my birth announcement, but the copy was very different: Frances Seymour Fonda, wife of the actor Henry Fonda, committed suicide yesterday at the Craig House, a posh asylum in Beacon, New York".— Excerpt from DON'T TELL DAD by Peter Fonda
rosemary   Rosemary Kennedy
In his book, “The Kennedy Women,” Lawrence Leamer describes her as “painfully slow… a pretty child with green eyes that peered out on life directly.” Often referred to as "the forgotten Kennedy", Rosemary spent time at Craig House after a lobotomy left her in a vitually infantike state. The operation was the idea of her father Joseph Kennedy.
jackie   Jackie Gleason
Like many New York celebrities of that era, Jackie Gleason used Craig House as a place to relax, recharge and dry out. His most notable contribution is a pool table which apparently is still located in the rec room.
marilyn   Marilyn Monroe
Once again, it's difficult to find any solid information about Marilyn Monroe's relationship to Craig House. But her name continually appears in connection with the place. And, once again, her personal issues are widely known. I have heard it said that she checked in under an assumed name. Although one assumes that it would be hard to miss Marilyn Monroe.