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In 1984 responsibility for running the hospital was handed over by Dr. Johnathan Slocum to Dr. Constantine Vardopoulos, because, in Dr. Slocum's words, "the hospital needs new and younger leadership". By this time the entire philosophy of mental health treatment had evolved. New and powerful drugs were being introduced by the medical profession, which in theory allowed patients to live anywhere they chose. Ironically, many of those with mental health issues were suffering because of the unprecidented use of illegal drugs that was sweeping the country. The whole concept of a benign, bucolic place where an individual could put his or her life back together was discarded.

Craig House was one of hundreds of mental health facilities that were abandoned seemingly overnight. In reality, a great many patients were unable to face the world, and ended up living on the streets. In the mean time, what was left of Tioronda and Craig House was at the mercy of the elements.